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Oil being pumped from the ground at a refinery

Refineries, Electric Motors, Pumps, and the Intricate Work of Pumping Oil

Consider modern life without oil. So much of contemporary lifestyle depends on crude oil— from automobile travel to cross-country flights to jumping on the metro, road construction, or the production of certain necessary equipment. The price of crude oil drives the U.S. economy, and any fluctuations in price affect all of these significant industries. Remsa

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The silhouette of the evening electricity transmission pylon. Power transmission from a power plant to a city

Voltage Surges in Industrial Settings: Causes and Remedies 

A lot rides on electricity. Industrial settings, factories, and other commercial plants or buildings utilize a lot of electricity and power. Keeping the power running is essential for the operations of the facility and has dire consequences when it fails. Industrial applications use robust and heavy-duty equipment that has high electricity demands.  Not to mention

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A very large electric diesel generator in factory for emergency,equipment plant modern technology industrial

The World of Industrial Generators and their Role In Various Industries 

The world requires the production of energy. Industries such as oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, and other commercial ventures all require the use of a tremendous amount of energy to power their infrastructure and operations. Large buildings like hospitals, factories, or military installations need to be powered with reliable sources of energy for essential tasks

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The Oil Industry in America and Why Quality Motor Repair Matters

Americans depend on the oil industry for many of their everyday necessities. From components used in lipsticks and cosmetics to life-saving medical devices like MRI machines, to our phones, and the gas we use to fuel our cars and heat our homes. All of this begins from extracting these resources from the planet and doing

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wind turbines farm

The Magnificent Power of Wind Turbines and Renewable Energy

The idea of renewable energy dominates a lot of public policy discussions these days. People are concerned about the way we obtain power and energy. Everything—from the homes we buy to our appliances, to cars — is cloaked in discussion of saving and conserving energy. Here at Remsa USA, we work with a variety of

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Silhouettes of worker in the mine

A Quick History of Mining and How its Trajectory Over the Decades

Our company has been working with the mining industry for a few decades. Our company history begins with us working in agriculture and shifting towards the growing and expanding efforts of the mining industry in Mexico and the U.S. We worked hand-in-hand with the industry and have learned to love the hard work that these

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Power utility box on a power transformer in substation switchyard. Electrical distribution.

How Transformers Transform Your World

For the vast majority of human history, mankind was at the mercy of nature. Light could only be harnessed created by the Sun or fire, and energy came from food alone. Now, however, we have an unprecedented amount of energy at our fingertips. We consume millions of times more energy than our ancient predecessors did,

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a mechanic inspecting a motor that has failed and needs repairs

Motor Failure: Common Causes & Solutions 

America runs on motors. Our cars, power plants, heavy machinery, and more all run on some type of motor. It’s estimated that 2/3rds of all industrial and commercial energy usage is driven by motor-powered equipment. Since they are so vital to normal operations, a motor failure can seriously set back a business financially and productively. 

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