Industrial-Grade Electrical Crew Services Remsa USA

The professionals at Remsa USA have the experience and applied customer value that makes us your best choice for electrical crew services across a multitude of industrial environments. In addition to our motor repair and laser alignment services, we take it upon ourselves to offer electrical maintenance to keep the entirety of your facility running at a superior level. Allow us to improve your projects and industrial tasks with our electrical crew services.

Our Electrical Engineering Services

No matter how small or large your project is, we can help. We specialize in the following electrical services:


Troubleshooting ensures that your system is wired correctly. Additionally, we provide rotation for shafts and check for rubbing and friction. ​


Our maintenance electricians are available at all times of the day to perform preventative care for your building’s infrastructure and electrical systems. ​


Electrical installation and maintenance are essential if you’ve been running into failures with your wiring and energy systems. We will also help you to become more familiarized with your electrical installation to be able to catch signs of failure in the future if any. ​


Our electrical engineers are on staff and in-house to be able to provide you with first-hand solutions the minute you need them. Our engineers are trained to work in several settings including power plant inspection and analysis, commercial building electrical system design, utility-scale system analysis, and much more. ​

New Construction

For new buildings and industrial infrastructure, we provide special electrical services such as outlets and wiring, electrical circuit breaker panels, dimmers, and light fixtures, new generator applications, and much more.

Reconduct and Secondary Reconduct

Reconduct consists of replacing existing cables or wires within an electrical circuit to induce more effective transfers of electrical currents.

System Upgrades

Our system upgrades are intended to help bring you more power from your source of electricity to the panels that lie within the utility of your facility. We help do so by replacing existing meters and circuit breakers to allow your system to attract more power.

Contact Our Engineers for Comprehensive Electrical Solutions

If you want to receive the best use out of your electrical installation and system, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can step in to improve the performance and lifetime of your electrical installation.

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