New and Advanced Electric Motors at Remsa USA

Remsa USA is the Southwest region’s top distributor for new electric motors and high-quality brands. The motor systems we offer are equipped with multiple cutting-edge features and configurations at prices and rates that our customers can work with.

When you choose to invest in a new electric motor, you can expect to experience lower costs, enhanced productivity and power delivery, and energy expenditures like never before. Remsa USA guarantees you’ll find a new electric motor that will exceed your expectations!

Your Source for New Motors

Remsa USA has provided maintenance and repairs for the following motors:

• Direct current (DC) motors
• Alternating current (AC) motors
• Synchronous motors
• Main motors
• And more

We do not limit the types of motors that we can work with. We aim to be our customers’ main source of professional assistance no matter what kind of material they utilize to fortify their industrial settings and functions. If you have questions regarding any other motors we might distribute, feel free to contact us.

Why It's Time to Buy a New Motor

Electric motors, much like any other industrial equipment, are prone to malfunction or break down. Although, this not an issue you should come into contact with regularly. If you’re wondering which issues call for a replacement, below are some factors to consider:

• Voltage updates disrupting motor operations
• Small metal particles found in the oil
• Faulty or worn out bearings
• Common-mode current

If you have found these motor problems to persist, it is important that you consult with a professional immediately. Our experts are always on hand to help you with any questions regarding the productivity and age of your motor.

Industries We Work With

Much like our transformer maintenance and services, we have been able to provide new electric motors and products for the following industries:

Our state-of-the-art motors are applicable in almost any and every industrial field of work and service.

New Electric Motors in Stock So You Can Get Back to Work

Our electric motor shop remains in a constant state of supply to be able to provide you with the motor you need immediately. Staying in stock and in supply allows us to further help and assist our customers in powering their facilities.

Brands and Products We Carry

Teco Westinghouse
marathon motors
worldwide electric corp
GE Motors

Reap the Benefits of a New Electric Motor from Remsa USA

Being a highly respected distributor and maintenance company for new electric motors allows us to provide our customers with the highest quality possible. It is assured that our motors are capable of meeting your specific application needs. Contact us today to learn more about how a new electric motor can help you and your industry.

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