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If you’re in search of motor optimization and increased speed, Remsa USA can help. For over thirty years, our team of electrical motor repair technicians has been able to exceed the standards that our industrial and municipal customers approach us with. In the case that customers may have very specific motor systems, we have still been able to successfully diagnose internal problems and repair them as quickly as possible.

Whether your industry utilizes small electric motors or is in need of motor replacement, Remsa USA guarantees to provide unmatched maintenance and services for your power delivery needs and functions. 

Remsa USA Inc: Specializing in All Types of Electric Motor Repair

The professionals at Remsa USA are familiar with all kinds of motors and the maintenance procedures they need. We have been able to conduct repairs within the following industrial applications:

• Pumps
• Mills
• An array of gas and oil equipment
• Crushers
• And much more

Our knowledge of reverse engineering and intricate motor repair, we can guarantee each and every one of our clients with remarkable services that will keep their systems and infrastructure running smoothly.

Types of Motors We Can Work On

Direct Current (DC) Motors

These motors are most often applied to conveyor systems, power suppliers, and other systems in need of adjustable speed

Alternating Current (AC) Motors

These motors are often found in the inner machinations of industrial machinery such as pumps, blowers, generators, and much more. These systems are optimal for smaller and more stationary settings.

Synchronous Motors

Synchronous motors are predominantly used for applications in which precise and constant speed is required in order for systems and facilities to productively operate.

Main Motors

A main motor is an optimal choice as they are suitable for the vast majority of industrial applications. These motors obtain parts that can be easily replaced and/or repaired.

Issues that May Require Electrical Motor Repair from Remsa USA

It is highly advised that customers seek the help of a professional in regards to the working state of their motors. When a motor produces peculiar noises, that does not automatically indicate that it has a mechanical failure. This may be due to loose or missing screws or minor incidents. Our electrical motor repair services are designed to detect and assess the following:

• Excessive heat and voltage
• Electrical overload
• Blown fuses
• Bad connections

Collecting your motor’s data allows us to foreshadow high consequences through careful investigation of your motor’s parts, oils, and functions.

Preventive Maintenance for Electric Motors Available

When you choose Remsa USA to regulate and assess your electric motor regularly, you can expect to avoid catastrophic failures and reduce the amount of downtime your machines may run into from time to time. Our superb preventative maintenance includes the following services:

• Root cause and failure analysis
• Voltage analysis
• Spare parts inventory
• Improved product quality

We will carefully evaluate the condition of your electrical motor before applying any preventative functions to ensure that it does not exhaust or burn out. ​

Traction Motor Repair Services Available

These specific motors are often applied to industrial and heavy-duty vehicles. Traction motors face a vast amount of stress and force when rotating torque for a machine. We offer the following services that are exclusive to traction motors:

• Rebuilding
• Rewinding
• Remanufacturing
• Custom designs

Within these repair services, we can also assess the condition of your traction motor’s oil and gas, railing, pumps, and gearboxes. Remsa USA is honored to be able to attend to your traction motor and the conditions it faces during the drive and production of energy.

Remsa Repair Shop performing Electrical Motor Repair

Pave the Way to Success in Power Delivery with Remsa USA

We are aware of the dynamics that occur in industrial settings, therefore, electrical motor repairs are a must. Contact us today to learn more about we can help you prevent damage and malfunctions within your electrical motor.

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