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5 Signs Your El Paso Generator May Need Repair

If you’re reading this, chances are you or someone you know needs to have a generator repaired. It’s also possible that your generator is running fine, and it will be a while before you need to start thinking about repairs. Either way, knowing the signs that indicate your generator needs repair is important.

Remsa USA is a first-class industrial electric motor repair and transformer service that can help you identify and resolve any generator problems you may be having. We will discuss the signs that indicate your generator may need repair. Read on to learn more!

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What Indicators To Look For in a Generator

When you need emergency power, generators are made to be there for you. Make sure yours is ready to go by running it regularly and checking for signs that may indicate maintenance is necessary. Here are some signs to look out for:

  • Delays in the start-up

Start-up delays are one of the strongest indicators that something is wrong with your generator. When it doesn’t start up immediately but instead takes a while, you know there’s an internal issue. It may continue to work just fine after being started. Still, this early indication means there’s an impending problem waiting to happen – which will eventually prohibit its ability to function altogether. This may mean that generator repair is necessary.

  • Low power flow. 

Have you looked at the flow of power? If your generator isn’t producing as much electricity as it should, the master phase selector switch, master breaker, or control panel may be faulty. Don’t try to fix it yourself–call a professional if there are indications of a power outage.

  • Strange smells. 

Standby generators must produce no fumes at all. Suppose you notice anything peculiar when operating a standby generator. In that case, it usually means that there is some sort of electrical malfunction happening, or if your generator runs on natural gas – there may be an exhaust leak or a gas leak. These are serious safety concerns and need to be addressed right away; otherwise, they can lead to catastrophic events.

  • Internal or external fluid leaks. 

Leakage or signs of leakage are easy to spot. Watch out for rainbow-colored puddles with an oily sheen. These could be fluids such as oil or coolant; if you see this on your generator, there may be a gas odor from the leak. Transfer it to a well-ventilated location; inspect the hoses and fuel lines for breaks/tears/punctures. An improper storage pan can also cause leakage – making this very dangerous to use.

  • Battery charging issues. 

Generator Batteries, like automobile batteries, will deteriorate if they are not used often. Use a voltmeter regularly to measure the voltage – and examine cables for signs of corrosion or damage. Make sure you use chargers that are compatible with your type of battery when charging. 

Electrolytes can be added when refilling conventional batteries (but only after checking which type you have). Maintenance-free batteries are sealed off from being accessed, which means they cannot be refilled or serviced. If your battery is older than 3 years, it may need replacing soon.

Generator Repair in El Paso

When it comes to repairing industrial generators – no one does it better than us. Remsa USA has been offering excellent customer service in El Paso for over 30 years. Contact us online or call (915) 855-8621 today and let us assist you.

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