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Remsa USA obtains the expertise needed to keep your power system safe by providing efficient, reliable, and up-to-date electrical field services. Our extensive field of maintenance and repairs assist a vast array of industries and municipalities through intricate diagnostic and testings and retrofit and electrical redesign.

Furthermore, our team can monitor your power systems, motors, and transformers with reports, keeping note of troubleshooting issues, and by extending the life of the equipment. Restoring your company’s operations back to normal is where we excel.

Our Electrical Field Services

We’ve been able to successfully help and support industries that utilize vast amounts of electricity and power by providing the following services:

• Electric motor repair
• Transformer repair
• Rewinding electrical motors
• Motor and pump laser alignment
• Pump repairs
• Traction motor repairs

We also offer our services with 24/7 emergency support and assistance in the case that your power system may completely shut down or fail to run. Predictive maintenance can be requested to regularly monitor the health of your motor.

Proud to Work with These Industries

Remsa USA obtains over thirty years of experience providing for a vast array of industries that require definite materials to keep their facilities running and working smoothly. Our motors and motor repair services have been found to support the following industries:

• Oil and gas
• Mining
• Wind and renewable energy
• Local water
• Municipality and utility
• Power and electric

From system installation to superior customer service, Remsa USA has been a top choice for many industries when they find themselves in need of expert workmanship.

When You Might Need Electrical Field Services

We can assess any physical or inner problems your motor, transformer, or power system may have. Whether it calls for maintenance, remote management, or motor solutions, we are your go-to source for taking care of electrical issues. Our services are most often requested when customers run into the following instances:

• Technical and mechanical problems
• Faulty bearings
• Burnt-out motors and transformers
• Voltage surge
• And more

It doesn’t matter how unique your system or situation may be. We are equipped to address even the most technical problems your system may be facing. ​

Remsa USA Inc: The Right Team for the Job

At Remsa USA, we know that you have unique needs. Our experience and versatility allow us to respond efficiently and effectively to your individual circumstances. We are centered around our customer service and proactively search for new ways to bring you the best service in the industry. Ideally, we work ahead of time in order to ensure that we can care and tend to your motors and power systems before potential problems get the best of them. Contact us today to learn more about how our team is your best candidate. ​

Electrical Field Services

Choose Us to Apply Solutions to Your Industrial Facility

With our abundance of equipment and expertise, there is no system we cannot attend to. Contact us today to learn more about what our motor and transformer services include.

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