Traction Motor Repair at Remsa USA

The professionals at Remsa USA understand that your industry or facility may require the application of a special motor.

In addition to the main motors we provide, we also specialize in repairs for traction motors. This service is unique as not many companies are equipped with the tools and expertise to work with traction motors. Thankfully for you, we have all the equipment and the knowledge to go about conducting the necessary repairs for your system. Traction motors are heavily used in the drilling industry, which is vital for providing us with the oil and mining we need to power our everyday lives. If you’re looking for a center that provides rebuilding and rewinding for your motor, we’re your best choice.

Our Traction Motor Repair Services 

Electrical testing

Traction motors will undergo a series of electrical tests to check for proper voltage levels, resistance, continuity, and surge.


We remanufacture traction motors and offer brush holder reconditioning for optimal performance. We can recondition bearings, field coils, gasket kits, and other components within your motor.


Rewinding allows for your motor’s speed to increase and it offers smooth control operation of acceleration as well.

Oil analysis

Our technicians take a close look at your motor’s oil to assess specific properties such as base oils and additives to indicate wear and tear or contamination. Doing so allows us to create a reference point and target the area of repair.


Overhaul services include dismantling and inspection, removal of old bearings, replacing and repairing faulty components, and test runs.

Common Signs Your Traction Motors Require Repairs

If you are familiar with the locomotives that keep your facility running, then it’s likely that you will catch signs of failure immediately. 
Three common signs that your motor needs repairs include:

• Excessive heat
• Dirty openings
• Excessive vibrations 

If you’ve noticed any other failures with your motor, it is advised that you contact us immediately to have your system assessed.

Our Oil Drilling Rig and Locomotive Traction Motor Gallery

Remsa USA is pleased to have provided services for oil drilling rigs and locomotive traction motors. Take a look at our work!

Contact Us for Traction Motor Repair and Rewinding 

Remsa USA implements the highest levels of attention and responsiveness when you call on us to have your traction motor treated accordingly. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to initiate repairs and tests for your traction motor!

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